Drew n’ Tuf

We recently started working on a personal project which we’re calling, “Home,” in which we feature people in & around their homes (wherever or whatever that “home” may be).  It’s ostensibly a vehicle for us to hone some new lighting techniques & venture a bit outside of our usual comfort zone.  Really, though, it’s an excuse to get out in the world, meet a bunch of random strangers, hear their stories, get to know them, and make some new friends.

Drew here is the first person we shot for the project.  He’s a traveling musician who recently landed in Los Angeles after 7 years of nomadic roaming across the US.  His dog, Tuf, has a story of her own as well.  She’s a rescue who was kicked in the face by a cow when she was a year old.  She’s partially paralyzed on the right side of her face & has a few broken teeth.  She’s a sweet dog who was a great sport (and prop) throughout the shoot.

We wish Drew luck on his LA adventure.  Sample tunes from him to follow soon!

andrew dolan and his dog Tuf in el segundo

portrait of andrew dolan – a musician who recently moved to los angeles and is living a nomadic life with his dog, Tuf, from his van

Album of the Year

This one’s my pick…

500px Top 10 Commercial Images of the Year

Many thanks to the folks at 500px for including one of our images in this year’s Top 10 list! We’re excited to have an image alongside some really great work from phenomenal photographers.

Click the pic below or just follow the link to see their selections:  500px Top 10 Images 2014



There is nothing not awesome about this…

I love that people find the time to do stuff like this.  Some dude called Lobsterdust mashed Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” with The Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive.”  It’s all kinds of great…


Learn to edit your photography portfolio

It’s 3:00 am and your water heater just exploded. Your basement is filling with water. Do you call the handy-man that knows how to fix everything or the plumber that only fixes broken water pipes? The plumber with his crack hanging out and all, right? If you’re an art producer for an advertising agency or a photo editor at a magazine and per usual, you’ve been told exactly what the photography is expected to look like for your next campaign or edition, do you hire the artist with multiple genres and styles represented their photography portfolio? No, you hire the artist that only does that one thing that you need to make your client / boss happy.

Like most artists that didn’t follow the conventional art school path, we learned the hard way. Our first approach to building a portfolio that will get us hired was a painful lesson learned. Our approach was to impress everyone because we lacked a clear vision and focus. We’ve since learned to develop a portfolio that represents the few things we do well. We still have a great deal more honing to do, but we’re much closer now.

You must fight the urge to add works that aren’t relevant to your photography portfolio. You must not include images that are similar in any way. The body of work should flow in color scheme, style and subject matter. Less is certainly more when it comes to a portfolio. We understand that some of your favorite images are like your babies. If the image isn’t consistent with the overall vision and style, you must kill those babies.